Sponsor a Women’s Networking Event

Event Sponsors: Limited to 2 per event. For just $50, Event Sponsors get a 1/2 page-width banner at the TOP of the Partners page and 5 minutes to speak at the event. Select the Event Sponsor option when registering. This will include registration to attend the event and lunch, where applicable. You can do that here.

Door Prize Sponsors: Get exposure for your business, warm leads and a 1/3 page-width banner on the Partners page. Prizes should have a minimum retail value of $50. At the end of the event, you will receive all the business cards used to enter the drawing for your prize in a bag to take with you. We ask that you PLEASE do not simply add those leads to your email list without their express permission. It reflects poorly on PWSJ (not to mention, it’s against the law). However, we encourage you to reach out personally to those leads and determine how you might be able to help them. They’ve expressed interest in your product by entering, after all. Maybe give them a call and say, “Hey, you didn’t win the door prize, but I’d love to offer you 20% off your first order!”

Grab Bag Sponsors: Provide 20 items of value (coupons, samples, trinkets, etc.) to promote your business and get a 1/5 page-width banner on the Partners page. This is a fun, inexpensive way to introduce your business to event attendees.

All banners include a link to your website (or Facebook page) for a minimum of 6 weeks, until we begin promoting the next event.