We like to think there are four pieces to our organization's "puzzle"...

Networking: Puzzle Piece #1Networking

And not the kind of networking where you just pass your business card out to as many people as you can. No, our networking encourages and supports making real connections with the women you meet through PWSJ. We generally offer in-person events 3-4 times a year.

Masterminds: Puzzle Piece #2:Masterminds

We offer virtual masterminds 9 times a year, during those months we don't offer an in-person event. Our virtual meetings include 30 second introductions and a mastermind topic (or topics). Like our in-person events, we always end with a gratitude share.

Peer Recognition: Puzzle Piece #3Peer Recognition

Through our "Athena Rewards" program, our participants can nominate each other for helping them, either in their business or personal lives. We periodically do a drawing, either for a free lunch or a $25 gift card, depending on the circumstances.

Gratitude: Puzzle Piece #4Gratitude

We feel having a spirit of gratitude helps us to be more successful in both our business and personal lives. That's why we make it a point to end all our meetings, whether in-person or virtual, with each attendee sharing something they're grateful for with the group.